Weekly FWSR: Snacks, Bosses & Competitors

March 17, 2011

Two weeks ago, we started a new feature at the Prosperity Blog: Fun With Search Referrers! And yes, I know, we start more features here than a first run movie theater, but what can we say. If it sounds like something that can help us fill blog content, we’ll take it! So, here’s the latest Fun with Search Referrers, featuring snacks, bosses, competitors and more.

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Prosperity Blog Fun with Search Referrers

March 4, 2011

I know this guy who runs a website called Bridge and Tunnel Club, which is sort of an all-encompassing resource on New York City and its environs. Because of the comprehensive nature of the site, it often comes up in the listings when people do their internet searches (hopefully on Bing). And so he made a different website called “bridgeandtunnelclub.com Search Referrers of the Day,” where he lists, analyzes and often answers various queries that get referred to his site. I happen to think it’s laugh out loud hilarious, but you all know how weird my sense of humor is.

For a fun Friday activity, let’s play the Prosperity Blog’s version of Search Referrers of the Day. Specifically, here are some of the most interesting ones we’ve gotten this week:

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Let’s Talk about the Washington Pledge Scholarship Proposal

February 10, 2011

Since before the legislative session began, we’ve been talking about the Governor’s Higher Education Funding Task Force, and its proposal to increase the sustainability and accountability of our state’s four-year public higher education system. The proposal, which you can read here, is multi-faceted, but I like to summarize it as an approach to creating a “Triple A higher education system”: accessible, accountable & affordable. The accessibility (linking state support and tuition) and accountability (implementing the Complete to Compete metrics and a performance incentive fund) pieces are fairly straightforward, but the affordability piece is new and therefore harder to understand.

The Prosperity Blog is all about helping you to understand new and unfamiliar economic development related activities, so once again we’re here for you. Let’s talk about that affordability part of the proposal: the creation of the Washington Pledge Scholarship.

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