Weekly FWSR: Snacks, Bosses & Competitors

March 17, 2011

Two weeks ago, we started a new feature at the Prosperity Blog: Fun With Search Referrers! And yes, I know, we start more features here than a first run movie theater, but what can we say. If it sounds like something that can help us fill blog content, we’ll take it! So, here’s the latest Fun with Search Referrers, featuring snacks, bosses, competitors and more.

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The Exact Opposite of the Global Supply Chain

March 11, 2011

Well, there’s been a lot of talk about how Boeing’s global supply chain for the 787 has or has not worked. And a lot of folks have been thinking that, in the future, Boeing probably won’t rely as much on shipping various parts from vendors around the world without any quality control until final assembly. But I have a feeling that not too many people thought that they’d go in the exact opposite direction!

Which is what seems to be under discussion.

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I’ve Got Your Epicenter Right Here

February 9, 2011

This post title is only funny if you read it in a sort of “New York tough guy” voice. The other title I was considering was “The Importance of Branding Earnest” which doesn’t even make sense. But the point is this: there is a vital economic development need to make sure that you’re branding your region as a leader in those industry clusters you have strength in. Because, if you don’t, there are tangible consequences.

We think this is true in terms of global health. Apparently, it’s already proving itself true in aerospace.

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A Lot of Different People Sure Care About Aerospace

August 18, 2009

And why shouldn’t they, right? I mean, if aerospace is really important to our region, as we know it is, then lots of different folks should totally stand up and support maintaining it here.

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WAP Round-up

June 15, 2009

Wanted to make sure all of you were up to speed on the coverage of the new Washington Aerospace Partnership: here and here. And some of the complementary initiatives as well.

Of course, landing the tanker deal for Boeing is going to be quite an undertaking, with many opinions on how to resolve it. But exciting to see so many players coming together to at least give it the ol’ college try!

Washington Aerospace Partnership takes off

June 9, 2009

WAP logoDid you see it?  The big news today?  I am talking about the launch of the Washington Aerospace Partnership.

Sadly, I’ve been away from the blog for while, but that’s because I have been supporting the Governor on aerospace for a few months, as she works to make sure Washington keeps its place as the #1 place in the world for aerospace.

Well, I thought aerospace was important enough to end my blog boycott.

Today, the WAP launched itself and is focused in the very near term on supporting Boeing’s KC-767 mid-air refueling tanker proposal.  You couldn’t pick a more important and timely goal if you wanted to secure Washington’s aerospace future.

This is going to be a great effort.  Washington is the single greatest place in the world to locate an aerospace company.  We have the greatest workforce in the world, we have a competitive tax environment and we have a government that wants to keep aerospace growing. What more do you want?

So I come not to bury Washington but to praise it as the place where aerospace was born, and the place where aerospace will thrive for decades to come.  Sure we have work to do. But we’re gonna do it.  And we’re also going to find a way to not only defend our current jobs against the continual onslaught of other states trying to steal our work, but to grow a dynamic, tech-based industry that happens to create thousands of family wage jobs for folks who don’t have a four-year degree.

Click here to join the effort.