Weekly REDEW: “Home of the Algaepreneur”

May 10, 2011

It’s been a way long time since I posted a Weekly REDEW – our “Random Economic Development Email of the Week” feature. So, to celebrate its long anticipated return, here’s a double shot: two random emails that I received today, both about events that discuss our use of energy and/or dealing with the consequences thereof. First, there’s “JOIN US – Fundamentals of Carbon Capture and Storage – June 14th in Richland, WA!” Second in number but not in importance is “OriginOil To Discuss Commercial Successes at National Algae Association Conference.”

Is it significant that I’m receiving all of these emails about energy events, or purely coincidence? What are the implications for Washington’s clean energy economic development? And what stream of consciousness ramblings will it inspire? It’s all here in the Weekly REDEW!

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Weekly REDEW: Putting Art at IKEA

February 15, 2011

It’s that time again for the regular feature we like to call REDEW: the Random Economic Development Email of the Week. Which is exactly what it sounds like…me talking about random emails that I receive that have something to do with economic development. Now, usually these REDEWs center around emails that I receive from various listservs and mailing lists that I somehow get added to. But this week I’m pleased to present an actual email sent from a real person to me. How could that be random, you ask? Well, just wait to read it. And by it, I mean the “Weekly REDEW: Putting Art at IKEA.”

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Weekly REDEW: Be Yourself on Interviews (Hello Nexus, Goodbye Sherry)

February 4, 2011

There’s only one thing that’s more interesting to the readers of the Prosperity Blog than interesting meetings I’ve been to and controversial thoughts I’m having. Which is random economic development emails that I receive.

Of course, there’s nothing more random than getting a job (at least that’s what it seems like to all the folks out there who are sending out resumes and getting or not getting interviews for no seeming rhyme or reason). And so, when I got my weekly “JobsJournal” newsletter, I could think of no better candidate for the title of Random Economic Development Email of the Week. Thusly, here it is: your “Weekly REDEW: Be Yourself on Interviews.”

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Weekly REDEW: This Region is Delicious!

November 19, 2010

I opened my inbox this morning to find the sort of e-mail I get all too infrequently — an offer for free delicious popcorn snacks from Kitsap County’s own Popcorn Chef. What a way to start the day! As a pregnant lady and the organizer of the Prosperity Partnership’s December 3rd Specialty Foods Industry Cluster Tour, I spend a lot of time these days thinking about food. Fortunately for me, the Puget Sound is full of companies making all kinds of amazing goodies… Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly REDEW: The Drug Development Process – From Discovery to Commercialization

November 12, 2010

Another week, another webinar…that’s what I always say. I was never sure why I said it though, until last week’s B-MOW on EDA’s webinar was followed by this week’s email from GlobalCompliancePanel inviting me to a live webinar. Maybe I got this webinar email because I posted last week about webinars. Or maybe I’m just prescient. Regardless, I’m dedicating this week’s Random Economic Development Email of the Week to ” Live Webinar – The Drug Development Process – From Discovery to Commercialization”. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly REDEW: SCG Industries Auction – Insulated Glass Manufacturer

November 5, 2010

You know those listservs that you get randomly put on, and you really don’t see any reason to stay on them, and in fact they might be spam, and it would be really easy to “unsubscribe” but it’s a little easier to just hit delete and worry about it later? For me, that’s the almost weekly emails I get from Industry Marketing Solutions (“Industry Marketing Solutions provides you the most diverse range of publications associated in the strong markets of Plastics, Packaging, Converting and Graphics, Electrical and Material Handling Industries.”) Now beside from hilarious “plastics!” references from The Graduate, I probably don’t need any such publications. Even worse, the IMS listserv I’m on is IMS Auctions. Which is why this week’s Random Economic Development Email of the Week has got to be “SCG Industries Auction – Insulated Glass Manufacturer.” Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly REDEW: Supreme Court Upholds Municipal Water Law

November 1, 2010

Much to my parents’ chagrin, I am not a lawyer (my brother is, and he lives closer to home…). And so you can imagine my surprise when I received an email from GordonDerr LLP proudly announcing the results of a court case that I didn’t even know was happening…and can’t quite understand the impacts of. Sound random? You bet. Which means that it qualifies as last week’s Random Economic Development Email of the Week! Read the rest of this entry »