Weekly C-POW: Bad News for the Minority-Owned Business Community

February 25, 2011

Sometimes the Weekly “Controversial Proposal of the Week” feature here on the Prosperity Blog earns its name because I say something controversial (like when I said we might have too many economic development organizations in the region). Sometimes, it’s because I’m just referring to something that’s – in itself – controversial. Like a ripped from the headlines story like the big scandal in the news this week about the Seattle Public School and its Regional Small Business Development Program.

We don’t know what the ultimate consequences for the school district will be. But what we can know for certain is that this is going to be bad news for the minority owned business community. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly REDEW: 2010 Western Washington Diversity and Inclusion Conference and Awards

October 8, 2010

Yes, that’s right. It’s time again for your weekly “Random Economic Development Email of the Week” or REDEW, where I share some of the strange things that come into my inbox and then riff on their relation to regional economic development.  I know you’ve been waiting excitedly since last week’s debut. This week’s winner: an invitation to the 2010 Western Washington Diversity and Inclusion Conference and Awards! Read the rest of this entry »