Weekly B-MOW: Interactive Media Industry Cluster Tour

June 6, 2011

It’s always a good day to get out of the office and learn something new. It’s especially a good day when you’re learning about something that is creating huge economic impact for our region’s economy. And it’s a real winner when something that’s creating lots of new jobs in the region is also cool and fun…like video games. Put that all together and what do you get? Seems like a Best Meeting of the Week to me. Join me for a tour down memory lane of last Friday’s fantastic Interactive Media Industry Cluster Tour!

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Weekly FWSR: Fast Cars, Fun Games and Meat-related Typos

May 16, 2011

It’s time once again for my personal favorite feature at the Prosperity Blog: Fun With Search Referrers! It allows us to talk about the issues we care about in a concise, poignant and sometimes hilarious way. How is that different than every Prosperity Blog post you ask? Well thank you for the compliment! Did I mention that you look like you’ve lost some weight?

Anyway, here’s the latest Fun with Search Referrers, featuring fast cars, fun games and meat-related typos.

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Games: Not Just For Fun Anymore

May 3, 2011

Well, I suppose that games haven’t been exclusively fun for a while. The military engages in “war games,” which are only entertaining if starring Matthew Broderick. And I don’t suppose the two incarcerated people in “the prisoners dilemma” think that game theory is a laugh-a-minute riot (although this clip from the British game show Golden Balls based on that concept is highly amusing).

But generally, when we think of games – particularly video games – we think enjoyment. So what if I told you that video games aren’t all, um, “fun and games” anymore? Would you say, “Well, I’d have to see that for myself!”? If so, then you’re in luck, because the next Prosperity Partnership Industry Cluster Tour is coming up on June 3, and it’s focused on the interactive media cluster!

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Get Your Game On

January 13, 2010

It’s winter, it’s raining, it’s dark. Playing outside is still a feasible option, but if you prefer to stay warm and dry, then why not choose entertainment that supports one of the region’s fastest growing niche industries: electronic games. If you want to sound more professional, say you’re supporting the “interactive media” industry, which is the same, but refers more inclusively to aerospace and medical applications also being developed in this region, referred to as “serious games” (not that your own Xbox efforts aren’t serious). Read the rest of this entry »

Redmond- the Video Game Capital of the World

December 29, 2008

With the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 leading the Sony PS3 in holiday sales, it looks like Redmond is fast becoming the video game capital of the world.

Now if Sony would only move their video game headquarters to Washington State (preferably to King, Pierce, Snohomish or Kitsap counties) they might be able to get back in the game- oh and they should look at their pricing strategy.

Interacting with Interactive media

August 21, 2008

Two things ended up on my computer screen this morning re: our growing interactive media industry. The first was an article in today’s Seattle Times about Photosynth, a new program from Microsoft that lets you combine multiple photos into a single 360 degree, 3-D rendering called a ‘synth’. According to the Times article, Photosynth is:

software that arranges photo sets in their real-world, 3-D context and allows people to navigate smoothly around the canals of Venice, for example, or zoom in to read the serial numbers on the space shuttle’s heat shields.

Micorosft says you can create a synth with as few as 10 photos or up to 300. It takes about 5 minutes to create one using a moderately powerful computer; big synths take a few hours. To show how far the technology has come: the Times reports that two years ago, creating a big synth would’ve taken a cluster of computers a day and a half.

This is an excellent illustration of our region’s abilities when it comes to Interactive Media, a subset of the IT industry. It’s been said that the interactive media industry, of which video games are a large part, is bigger Read the rest of this entry »