The Exact Opposite of the Global Supply Chain

March 11, 2011

Well, there’s been a lot of talk about how Boeing’s global supply chain for the 787 has or has not worked. And a lot of folks have been thinking that, in the future, Boeing probably won’t rely as much on shipping various parts from vendors around the world without any quality control until final assembly. But I have a feeling that not too many people thought that they’d go in the exact opposite direction!

Which is what seems to be under discussion.

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A Global Supply Chain for Global Health

December 23, 2010

One of the issues we’ve been tackling with the Global Health Nexus, Seattle organization is how to truly bring public and private stakeholders together for the benefit of local global health organizations. We know that it has to be mutually beneficial, especially for corporations that are motivated by core business issues, but it should also take advantage of those unique aspects of our region, its location and its business community. In the past, we’ve thrown out some ideas – from corporate social responsibility to emerging market business development – but it seems like there’s one selling point that is rising above the rest: supply chain development and utilization.

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I Want To Be Close To You

April 30, 2010

In the online, globalized world, geography doesn’t matter anymore, because we can email/conference call/GoToMeeting/virtual/3D/sync/nonsenseword/etc. Except that it totally does. For example, this new Innovation Center going right next to PNNL in Richland, WA. Why do they need to be right next to the Pacific Northwest National Lab? Is the IP coming out of there too heavy to move very far? Or is it, as others are arguing, that geography is a really important aspect to technology commercialization: Read the rest of this entry »