Technology Alliance 2012 State of Technology Luncheon

April 9, 2012

Held each spring since 1998, the State of Technology Luncheon is the Technology Alliance’s largest annual event. Business, research and government leaders from across the state come together at the luncheon each year to celebrate Washington’s progress in building a vibrant technology-based economy and to gain insights from visionary leaders of innovative, globally recognized companies and institutions.

John McAdam
President, CEO & Director
F5 Networks, Inc.

Tuesday, May 22nd
Sheraton Seattle Hotel
Registration & Networking: 11:00 am
Luncheon: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

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UW Service Gap Does Not Compute

December 13, 2011

Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times discusses the lack of capacity of the University of Washington to meet the demand for Computer Science enrollment.

“There may be no place where the gap between politics and reality is wider right now than the UW’s computer science department. Politics these days is all about shrinking. How can we retrench, reduce or reset. But even the lecture halls aren’t big enough to contain what’s actually going on in high-tech education.”

Full article here.

Puget Sound region wins Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge

September 28, 2011

On September 26, enterpriseSeattle announced that was awarded $1.2 million in federal funding through the Federal Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge, a multiagency competition launched in May to support the advancement of 20 high-growth, regional industry clusters.

Investments in this challenge came from three federal agencies, the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration, Department of Labor’s Employment & Training Administration, and the Small Business Administration, with technical assistance coming from 13 more agencies.  This funding recognizes how the Puget Sound region is on the leading edge of creating the types of public-private partnerships that can help support business innovation. The funding will go towards the establishment of the Washington Interactive Media Accelerator (WIMA) and the furthering of enterpriseSeattle’s Washington Interactive Network (WIN) targeted at supporting the interactive media industry in Washington State.

“The interactive media industry in Washington State currently has more than 150 companies that employ more than 15,000 people,” said Jeff Marcell, President and CEO of enterpriseSeattle. “The funding provided by this grant will allow us to continue our work in support of the interactive media industry, creating an accelerator and programs that will continue to attract jobs and capital investment to our region.”

Read the enterpriseSeattle press release.
Read more about the award at the EDA website.

Big Ideas of (the First Half of) 2011

June 17, 2011

I promised in my last post that I would do one final entry on the Prosperity Blog before I leave the PSRC. And, since today is my last day, there’s no time like the present to make that happen. I also promised that this last post would be entirely self-indulgent and nostalgic, and I can think of no post that fits the bill more than the annual Prosperity Blog Year In Ideas feature – the yearly tradition in which I point out to you all how good my thoughts on economic development are, in Top Ten format.

Since it’s only halfway through the year (June 30 is less than two weeks away!), I’ll cut that Top Ten down to Top Five. And so, without further ado…and with no more ado ever again by me on this blog…here are the best practical proposals for improving our region’s business climate and competitiveness (and the most impractical, sky’s-the-limit ideas) I’ve had so far in 2011.

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Weekly B-MOW: Interactive Media Industry Cluster Tour

June 6, 2011

It’s always a good day to get out of the office and learn something new. It’s especially a good day when you’re learning about something that is creating huge economic impact for our region’s economy. And it’s a real winner when something that’s creating lots of new jobs in the region is also cool and fun…like video games. Put that all together and what do you get? Seems like a Best Meeting of the Week to me. Join me for a tour down memory lane of last Friday’s fantastic Interactive Media Industry Cluster Tour!

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Weekly FWSR: Fast Cars, Fun Games and Meat-related Typos

May 16, 2011

It’s time once again for my personal favorite feature at the Prosperity Blog: Fun With Search Referrers! It allows us to talk about the issues we care about in a concise, poignant and sometimes hilarious way. How is that different than every Prosperity Blog post you ask? Well thank you for the compliment! Did I mention that you look like you’ve lost some weight?

Anyway, here’s the latest Fun with Search Referrers, featuring fast cars, fun games and meat-related typos.

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Games: Not Just For Fun Anymore

May 3, 2011

Well, I suppose that games haven’t been exclusively fun for a while. The military engages in “war games,” which are only entertaining if starring Matthew Broderick. And I don’t suppose the two incarcerated people in “the prisoners dilemma” think that game theory is a laugh-a-minute riot (although this clip from the British game show Golden Balls based on that concept is highly amusing).

But generally, when we think of games – particularly video games – we think enjoyment. So what if I told you that video games aren’t all, um, “fun and games” anymore? Would you say, “Well, I’d have to see that for myself!”? If so, then you’re in luck, because the next Prosperity Partnership Industry Cluster Tour is coming up on June 3, and it’s focused on the interactive media cluster!

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