Bering Sea Fisheries Conference: Building the Next Generation of Bering Sea Vessels

Recent amendments to the American Fisheries Act and other federal, state and regional policies are providing new opportunities for Bering Sea commercial fishing vessel owners to rebuild or replace aging vessels. Actions taken or under consideration by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council should also facilitate replacement of vessels in the Amendment 80 and Freezer Longline fleets. 

Already several new longliners have been announced, and more new vessels are in the pipeline in a variety of sectors. 

In April Fishermen’s News will again produce our Bering Sea Fisheries Conference to provide a forum for vessel owners to hear from naval architects, shipyards, lenders and attorneys about new technologies available to the Commercial Fishing Fleets: design and construction, funding, enabling legislation and federal regulations 

The following fisheries and gear types will benefit from attendance at the conference:

  • Bering Sea Pollock Fisheries
  • H & G Trawl Fisheries (Amendment 80)
  • Pacific Cod Freezer Longline Fishery

The conference will also be of interest to the following:

  • Naval Architects
  • Shipyard Operators
  • Processing and Equipment Suppliers
  • Commercial Lenders
  • Shoreside Processors

Register today to take advantage of early bird discounted rates.


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