End of year accolades for local companies

The Puget Sound Region is home to some great companies. Of course we think so, but it’s always nice to get recognition from people in other places. Each year the Wall Street Journal’s Middle Seat blog releases a scorecard ranking major airline carriers. The scorecard considers such things as timeliness of flights, cancellations, lost baggage and complaints to rank the carriers. For 2011, our own Alaska Airlines was listed the best-performing carrier!

At the end of each year Consumer Reports puts together their “Naughty & Nice Holiday List”. This list of “Nice” and “Naughty” companies is developed through contributions from their reporters and editors covering shopping, travel, hospitality and telecommunications and measures companies based upon their customer service policies. Of the 10 “Nice” companies on the 2011 list, 4 are from the Puget Sound Region – Microsoft, Amazon, Costco and REI. In case you were wondering, no local companies were on the “Naughty” list.

In addition to being great to customers, local companies are also great to work for. Fortune magazine’s Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2012 list included 6 Washington companies – REI, Perkins Coie, Starbucks, Microsoft, Everett Clinic, and Schweitzer Engineering Labs.

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