Greater good Campaign – Supporting Higher Education in Washington

The Seattle Times Co. recently announced the Greater good Campaign, a year-long public service effort in support of Washington State’s higher education institutions. The campaign is aimed at reinforcing the broad positive contributions of Washington State’s higher-education system on Washington’s job creation and quality of life.

With existing and proposed cuts to Washington’s public baccalaureate institutions, state funding for these institutions has dropped by nearly 50% since the 2007-2009 biennium. In real dollars, Washington state will invest less in these institutions in the 2011-2013 biennium then it did in 1989-1991 while serving 32,000 more students.

Quality education for all our citizens is vital to sustaining prosperity in our state and region. Not only does Washington’s economy benefit from having a more educated workforce, there is a return on investment on state money spent on state universities. For every $1 that the state invests in the University of Washington, more than $22 is generated in the total state economy.

In 2010, Governor Gregoire convened a Higher Education Funding Task Force to develop a plan to ensure the long-term sustainability and accountability of our state’s four-year higher education institutions. Now that the Task Force has delivered its proposal, the Prosperity Partnership is mobilizing support for these recommendations, as well as to ensure that the state continues to invest in higher education in the upcoming biennial budget. For more information on the Higher Education Funding Task Force, or to join click here.


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