Global Health Industry Cluster Tour Recap

On Friday, September 9 the Prosperity Partnership led a group of interested individuals on a Global Health Industry Cluster Tour.

A sold out tour group ditched the bus and took to the streets for the first ever walking industry cluster tour. The reason this was possible is the success of the South Lake Union neighborhood as a hub for global health organizations. Participants saw the inner workings of a number of global health organizations and spoke with representatives of others.

We kicked the day off at the South Lake Union Discovery Center where we heard about this dynamic neighborhood – past and future developments, investments in transit, transportation infrastructure and new public spaces. From there we went to Seattle BioMed, where we learned about their work developing innovative solutions to combat the world’s deadliest diseases and toured their research facility.

Lisa Cohen of the Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) gave a presentation on the local global health sector and talked about the Global Health Nexus, Seattle initiative. Global Health Nexus has been working to bring the Seattle region’s global health community together to build a platform for enhanced collaboration, public awareness, and action.

The next stop was the Institute for Systems Biology. What is systems biology? Well, I’ll defer to John Aitchison, Phd who gave the following presentation on the subject. Also, during the tour of the facilities, attendees got to see someone in a highly secured room dissecting a mosquito.

Vulcan Real Estate sponsored the tour’s lunch discussion where participants were broken up into tables with representatives from major area global health organizations. There were representatives from Battelle Centers for Public Health Research and Evaluation, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth, Infectious Disease Research Institute, Seattle Children’s Research Institute, SightLife, University of Washington Department of Global Health, and World Vision.

Participants finished off the day with a tour of PATH. Even with such a full day, we still only scratched the surface of how important the global health sector is to the world and the local economy.

More information:
South Lake Union Development Update 2004-2010
Global Health Strategic Mapping and Economic Opportunity Portfolio, from the Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) and City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development (OED)

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