Schinfeld Goes International

We’ve done our fair share of hellos and goodbyes over the years here at the Prosperity Blog. We acknowledged our former Director of Economic Development taking flight to Boeing and welcomed our new Director of Economic Development to the fold. We even said farewell to one of our team members in the last paragraph of a Weekly REDEW post.

But this sendoff post is the hardest because, well, it’s for me! After five long years at the Prosperity Partnership – and 383 posts (!) on the Prosperity Blog – I’m off to a new, um, “world of adventure.”

As of June 22, I have accepted a position with the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce as their Federal Policy Director and President of their Washington Council on International Trade program. At the Chamber and WCIT, I will be leading federal policy and advocacy efforts on behalf of the region and Washington state, specifically focused on issues of importance to our thriving international business community. In particular, I look forward to working with the Administration and our state’s Congressional delegation to make sure they understand how a wide variety of federal policy and budget decisions impact our state’s ability to be competitive in the global economy – from specific trade agreements to issues that impact our ports, our large industries like aerospace and IT, and emerging clusters like clean tech and global health. And I’m excited to partner with many of the other fantastic international trade organizations in the state – like the Trade Development Alliance – to accomplish these goals.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know WCIT, it’s a a nonprofit organization that advances policies beneficial to international trade in Washington state. For 38 years, WCIT has been the leading policy resource for Washington state companies engaged in international trade. Broadly respected for its credible and independent voice, WCIT is the primary information resource on international trade issues for elected representatives, business leaders, the media, educators and community groups in Washington state.

It is incredibly difficult to leave the PSRC. Over the last five years, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of activities focused on ensuring long-term prosperity for our region’s residents, and to learn and grow in ways that I will be eternally grateful for. The PSRC and the Prosperity Partnership play a vital role in our region’s economic development, and it has been an honor and a privilege to be part of this important work. However, it is simply time for me to try my hand at the next challenge, and to build new skills. Thanks to all of you for following my regional economic development ramblings over the last few years, and stay tuned to the Prosperity Blog as it continues at the hands of the new staff we hire to replace me.

And hopefully you’ll continue to follow me at my new WCIT blog, State of Trade!

2 Responses to Schinfeld Goes International

  1. Bill McSherry says:

    Eric, congratulations on an unbelievable run with Prosperity. You are a big reason it has become the organization that it is. You will do equally well with WCIT and the Chamber. Best of luck and looking forward to working with you for years to come.

  2. Eric, your new position “sounds” wonderful. I’m sure you’ll take all the experience and knowledge you’ve gained at PSRC and apply it to achieving greater success for the Puget Sound Region. Thank you for keeping those of us all the way over in Kitsap informed. We hope your successor will follow your example. Best wishes to you!

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