Celebrating Higher Education Success

Ah, the thrills of victory. As you all know, the Prosperity Partnership celebrated the passage of two bills this legislative session that codified the recommendations of the Governor’s Higher Education Funding Task Force into law. And when bills pass, there’s a signing ceremony…which means free pens for everyone involved an opportunity to acknowledge the impact that this legislation will have and the important role that a wide variety of stakeholders played in ensuring that success.

It’s our pleasure here at the Prosperity Blog to give you inside access to exactly what happened during that celebration!

Here’s the Governor’s remarks at the beginning of the bill signing.

And here’s her signing HB 1795 and signing HB 2088.

And here’s the press conference with Brad Smith of Microsoft and Laura Peterson of Boeing.

By the way, did I mention that Boeing and Microsoft just pledged $50 million to seed funding of the new low- and middle-income scholarship fund that the bill creates? Now that is what I call an effective legislative session!

2 Responses to Celebrating Higher Education Success

  1. Thanks for all of your help!

    Reuven Carlyle

    • Lew McMurran says:

      Great job by everyone involved. Chris E., you did yeoman’s work all session. Reuven, super effort. Ruth, thanks for all your organizing. Thanks to Brad, Laura, Chris R., Maud, and everyone else on the HE task force.

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