Prosperity Blog on Citytank

Many of you in the blogosphere know Dan Bertolet, formerly of hugeasscity then Publicola: urban thinker and writer extraordinaire. You may or may not know that Dan has started a new blog, Citytank, which “believes that cities are the solution. Our mission is to propagate ideas that help fulfill the promise of cities to both expand the human spirit, and sustain a thriving planet.”

In particular, he’s started this “C200 Series” that attempts to explain “why cities matter. In 200 words. By a bunch of wicked smarty pants authors.” And your Prosperity Blog is nothing if not smarty pants.

So here’s our contribution. Which is a distillation of an older post we did on that same topic back around the time of the NYT Magazine Year in Ideas. And you know how we feel about the Year in Ideas.

Anyway, enjoy our Citytank post!

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