Blast from the Past…and Future?

We here at the Prosperity Blog are still cleaning up all the bottles from the tanker celebration, and yet it’s amazing that this is already our third post on the efforts that are getting underway to prepare our region to compete for the next major Boeing competition. Except, in this one, it won’t be us helping Boeing submit a bid, but rather us submitting a bid to Boeing…to be the location for the manufacture and assembly of the next generation 737.

How will we figure out our best strategy for securing that economic development prize? As someone once said, “You need to know where you’ve been so that you can figure out where you’re going.”

I’m not saying that history is going to repeat itself. And I certainly don’t see any big $3 billion incentive packages passing the State Legislature these days. But someone sent me a link to the old Seattle Times article entitled “How Washington won the battle for the 7E7.”

It’s worth a read for nostalgia’s sake alone. And maybe, just maybe, there’s some interesting insights into how Washington competes to host the supersite.

Plus there’s an old school Luke Timmerman sighting.

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