Prosperity Blog Fun with Search Referrers

I know this guy who runs a website called Bridge and Tunnel Club, which is sort of an all-encompassing resource on New York City and its environs. Because of the comprehensive nature of the site, it often comes up in the listings when people do their internet searches (hopefully on Bing). And so he made a different website called “ Search Referrers of the Day,” where he lists, analyzes and often answers various queries that get referred to his site. I happen to think it’s laugh out loud hilarious, but you all know how weird my sense of humor is.

For a fun Friday activity, let’s play the Prosperity Blog’s version of Search Referrers of the Day. Specifically, here are some of the most interesting ones we’ve gotten this week:

psrc arts tax” & “psrc culture tax
I’m assuming that these are references to the Prosperity Partnership’s Cultural Access Fund proposal, which is now known as the “Education and Arts Access Program.” This proposal would allow counties or groups of counties to seek voter-approved revenues for increased access to arts, cultural and scientific organizations, creating free days, discounted tickets, travelling exhibitions and other educational programs at places like museums, zoos, science centers and theaters. The exciting news is that the House version of the bill has now moved further in the legislative process than at any time in the past three years. Last Friday, it was passed by the House Ways and Means Committee, and awaits action by the full House of Representatives.

let’s move cdc
I agree, my friend. I agree.

title of scholarship proposal
If you’re talking about the new financial aid endowment proposed by the Governor’s Higher Education Funding Task Force, it’s called the Washington Pledge Scholarship. You can read all about it here. But essentially it would create an new nonprofit that would raise $1 billion from businesses and individuals by the year 2020 that would supplement existing state need grant funds. Here’s chart I created to demonstrate the impact.

bio bill mcsherry prosperity partnership
We probably get at least one or two “Bill McSherry Prosperity Partnership” or “Bill McSherry PSRC” search referrers a week. Update your rolodexes, people!

march 4th, a complete sentence” & “is march forth, a complete sentence
I certainly think so. In terms of the first query, I guess it’s sort of cheap, since it’s really a homonym of a complete sentence. Although technically, if you’re directing someone to be fourth in a marching order, then it counts (as well as every other date in March…”(I command you to) march twenty-second (in this line)!”) My brother’s fiancee also points out that “May 1” is potentially a sentence as well (May one?). Regardless my dire predictions for March 4th didn’t come to pass; both the NFL and Congress pushed things off for a few weeks.

economic development philanthropy
There must be a role. In the new Regional Economic Strategy, I’d like to have an initiative called “investment attraction” that focuses on how our region can bring new capital into our markets, including 1) venture capital, 2) foreign direct investment AND 3) philanthropic dollars.

michael verchot silas
Michael Verchot runs the Business & Economic Development Center at the UW’s Foster School of Business, which focuses on minority-owned business development. Silas Potter ran the Seattle School District’s Regional Small Business Development Program, before things took a turn. As I mentioned, you have to be concerned about how the Seattle Schools story is going to impact good, effective minority business organizations, even those like BEDC that have nothing to do with the controversy.

bob aylward seattle email
Good old Bob Aylward. Senior Vice President for Business Operations of the Seattle Mariners by day, Global Health Nexus, Seattle Board President in his spare time. And lots of good stuff going on in that regard. In 2010, the Nexus website webcast 8 events that were seen by 4500 people in 14 countries. A $50,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in late 2010 officially kicked off the 2011 Nexus fundraising campaign, which has allowed us to hire a Program Administrator. And, as part of the Seattle Center’s six-month World’s Fair 50th anniversary celebration, the Global Health Nexus, Seattle Exhibits & Programs committee has been developing a comprehensive suite of activities for July 2012 to raise awareness and inspire involvement in global heath issues among the general public throughout Washington state. But no, I’m not going to post Bob’s email address online. You can just pay for Mariners tickets like the rest of us.

jobs for smart people
Blogger for the Prosperity Blog?

One Response to Prosperity Blog Fun with Search Referrers

  1. ericschinfeld says:

    Today (3/8/11) there was a search referrer for “bill mcsherie olympia”…that was how his family spelled it back in the old country, I’m sure.

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