Weekly REDEW: Be Yourself on Interviews (Hello Nexus, Goodbye Sherry)

There’s only one thing that’s more interesting to the readers of the Prosperity Blog than interesting meetings I’ve been to and controversial thoughts I’m having. Which is random economic development emails that I receive.

Of course, there’s nothing more random than getting a job (at least that’s what it seems like to all the folks out there who are sending out resumes and getting or not getting interviews for no seeming rhyme or reason). And so, when I got my weekly “JobsJournal” newsletter, I could think of no better candidate for the title of Random Economic Development Email of the Week. Thusly, here it is: your “Weekly REDEW: Be Yourself on Interviews.”

There’s always two questions that get asked during a Weekly REDEW post. First is “What is this email about and why do you receive it?” And the answer is always “I have no idea.” JobsJournal seems to be some sort of career organization in Utah, and – for whatever reason – they send me weekly tips about things like “What You Need To Know If You Are To Get The Best Jobs” and “Top Promotion Secrets for Career Advancement.” I immediately delete them.

The second question about REDEWs is “how does this email have anything to do with regional economic development?” And the answer is always “Through the random associations that the email inspires me to discuss!” Although, this week, it’s pretty easy since I spent six hours interviewing candidates for the Project Manager position for Global Health Nexus, Seattle.

That’s right…if you didn’t know it, Global Health Nexus is about to hire its first staff member, which is a pretty exciting milestone for any start-up organization. It’s all thanks to generous seed funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and a successful first month of soliciting individual and organizational donors to the effort. The Nexus Project Manager is going to be the strategic manager in charge of coordinating and supporting implementation of all activities related to Global Health Nexus. This person will facilitate meetings, overseeing fundraising, drive initiatives on the public-private partnerships front and lead planning for the exhibitions and events of the 2012 global health month.

In the short term, it’s just great that someone is going to be focused on keeping all the balls in the air and preventing opportunities from slipping through the cracks. There’s so much energy around global health in general and Nexus in particular that – unless someone is focused on keeping track of it all – we might not be able to take full advantage. Of course, in the long-term, this is an important step toward our goal of providing some sustainable and tangible realization of the promise that is Global Health Nexus, Seattle: actually branding our region as the nexus of global health discovery, development and delivery. I’d add that it’s incredibly gratifying that the Gates Foundation and so many other generous donors are seeing the power and promise of the Nexus vision. We should have a final candidate selected within the next week.

Speaking of interviews, there are also going to have to be interviews on the Prosperity Partnership team. This week, we learned that Sherry Ambrose – of “This Region Is Delicious” and “Don’t Eat Your Seed Corn” fame (not to mention my personal favorite, “Ich bin ein manufacturer“) – is moving back to Florida, from where we poached her in the first place. We had the pleasure of Sherry’s services since March of this past year, and it was a honor and a privilege to have had her as part of our team. Her incredible understanding of economic development theory and practice, her strong analytical skills and her high quality of work made her a great asset. So, good luck, Sherry. We’ll miss you!

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