Weekly B-MOW: enterpriseSeattle Economic Forecast Conference

For this week’s installment of the “Best Meeting of the Week” feature, we’re going to talk about what I like to call “the most depressing day of the year.” Or at least, it has been over the last few years. I refer, of course, to enterpriseSeattle’s annual Economic Forecast Conference, which starts each year with a panel of local and national economists talking about their predictions for the economy over the ensuing twelve months. As you can guess, those forecasts have mostly been bad…and those bad forecasts have been pretty accurate, as we all know.

But this year, the Economic Forecast Conference had a theme – a focus on a part of the economy that is and will increasingly be a bright spot for job creation and prosperity. And that theme was global health. Which definitely makes it the Weekly B-MOW.

What’s even better than our usual B-MOW is that I’m not going to blabber on about what Global Health Nexus, Seattle is and why global health is so important to the region’s economy. I’ve done that plenty of times. What I’m going to do instead is use my trusty new Flip Video camera to let other people tell you that stuff!

I’ve got a couple of great clips from the enterpriseSeattle event to that effect. The first is a panel discussion that included Lisa Cohen of the Washington Global Health Alliance and Bob Aylward of the Seattle Mariners (the Board President of Global Health Nexus, Seattle). We not only have great clips of Lisa talking about “what is global health” and Bob talking about “what is Global Health Nexus, Seattle”, but we’ve got a great, concise call to action from Bob, too.

The topper is a clip of Martha Choe, the Gates Foundation’s CAO, talking about the importance and impact of global health to our region’s economy. It’s a can’t miss, and I encourage you to check out all four. I think you’ll agree that it was indeed the best meeting of the week.


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