Most Popular Prosperity Blog Post of 2010

In another segment of our overall year-end wrap-up, I thought that you might be curious to know what the most read post of the year was on your dear old Prosperity Blog. And the winner is:

“How Dare People Study Russian in College!”, the Swiftian-titled post that examined the discussion over “whether college is worth the cost” and whether students should be only allowed to study majors that can guarantee them a job afterwards. It was also one of the most commented-upon posts of the year.

Now, it’s hard to say whether this was the most read post because of its clear insights and brilliant writing, or because of all the Russian spammers that filled up our spam filter with Cyrillic (although those could have been sincere comments…I don’t know because I don’t read Cyrillic). But I do know that it capped this year’s trifecta of Russian titled posts, which also included “The Russians Are Coming! Oh, Wait…Not Yet…But Soon!” and “What’s the Difference Between Silicon Valley and Siberia?” (which, in retrospect, should have had a shout-out to this great article by our own local Silicon Valley expert, UW Professor Margaret O’Mara).

In 2011, I’ll pick on another country in order to generate blog traffic. No one knows yet which one it will be, but I’m looking in your direction, Brazil…


One Response to Most Popular Prosperity Blog Post of 2010

  1. ericschinfeld says:

    OK, I had to post this link too: “Russians returning to their party-going ways” ( It has nothing to do with anything, but it was in the Seattle Times today, and the coincidence was just too great!

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