Watch the Specialty Foods Industry Cluster Tour Panel Discussion!

Yes, I promised that we’d start doing video blog entries soon with our new FlipVideo camera. No, we haven’t done it yet. But we do have some cool video of some recent Prosperity Partnership events! I already posted video of Phil Bussey delivering the Metropolitan Business Plan presentation at Brookings Global Metro Summit in Chicago a few weeks ago. And now I’m excited to share with you the panel discussion from the recent Prosperity Partnership Industry Cluster Tour, which focused on the specialty foods manufacturing industry here in the region:

The panel was our kick-off for the day, and included representatives from Seattle Chocolates, Sahale Snacks, DRY Soda, Isernio’s Sausage and CB’s Nuts. They discussed everything from the reason why there’s so many great specialty foods manufacturers in town to what support they need from the local economic development community to sustain and grow.

The biggest take away for me is that, although there are a lot of specialty foods manufacturing companies in the region, they aren’t coordinated at all, have very little interaction, and would benefit from some shared resources and collaboration. At the very least, they could use some coordinated assistance with marketing, exporting and shared manufacturing facilities. Anyone up for helping to create the Washington Specialty Foods Manufacturing Trade Association (WSFMTA)? Or something with a better acronym, like FATS: the Food Association of The Sound? (Acronyms aren’t really my specialty…)

Anyway, take a break from your busy day and enjoy Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the hour-long discussion!

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