Weekly REDEW: SCG Industries Auction – Insulated Glass Manufacturer

You know those listservs that you get randomly put on, and you really don’t see any reason to stay on them, and in fact they might be spam, and it would be really easy to “unsubscribe” but it’s a little easier to just hit delete and worry about it later? For me, that’s the almost weekly emails I get from Industry Marketing Solutions (“Industry Marketing Solutions provides you the most diverse range of publications associated in the strong markets of Plastics, Packaging, Converting and Graphics, Electrical and Material Handling Industries.”) Now beside from hilarious “plastics!” references from The Graduate, I probably don’t need any such publications. Even worse, the IMS listserv I’m on is IMS Auctions. Which is why this week’s Random Economic Development Email of the Week has got to be “SCG Industries Auction – Insulated Glass Manufacturer.”

Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 10:30 AM CST

3650 Market Street, Unit 2
St. Louis, MO 63110

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Or Earlier By Appointment

Botters Cutting Machine, Edgetech Table Model 8-3000, Billco Washer, ThermoFlow Plug Extruder Gun, Woods Power Grips, Harp Racks and A-Frame Racks, TCM 7000 Lb Propane Fork Truck and More!!!!!

Man, you have no idea how many times I asked my parents for a ThermoFlow Plug Extruder Gun each year at Christmas. But they were always like, “Eric, we’re Jewish. We don’t celebrate Christmas.”  That, and “you don’t actually know what that is, do you, son.” And they were right…on both counts. And they still are. [Ed. Note – And now for the part of the Weekly REDEW where I skillfully bring this back around to regional economic development!]

Of course, while I don’t want to buy an insulated glass manufacturer, windows are a big part of building energy efficiency. [Ed. Note – Nailed it!]  When I give the BETI presentation and I get to slide 4, I usually say that this chart shows that we’re really strong in this region in terms of having companies that provide the services that make buildings more energy efficient, but we’re less strong in terms of having companies that make the products that make buildings more energy efficient. We don’t make smart appliances here and we don’t make large HVAC systems, for a variety of reasons including the old “companies don’t like to do heavy manufacturing here” (except for airplanes…and trucks…and now unmanned boats).

But I have learned that we’re actually pretty decent in windows. When I asked Vitriosic, which makes electrochromatic glass (where you use electricity to change the opacity of the glass to reduce glare and thereby reduce energy needed for air conditioning), what keeps them in the region, one of their main responses was that they could work with large, local glass manufacturers to test and license their product nationally and internationally. So, that’s interesting.

When BETI gets up to speed, one of the fascinating things is going to be seeing who comes out of the woodwork (Weyerhaeuser building envelope technology pun not intended) in terms of companies that are in the building energy efficiency space. Windows manufacturers, lighting developers, who knows? Of course, part of the national economic development play for BETI is that, if we can make this region a center of gravity for building energy efficiency technology, those missing parts of the supply chain will move here to participate…

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