Weekly B-MOW: Chamber Regional Leadership Conference!

As I mentioned in this/last week’s REDEW, the reason that our weekly features are late is because we were at the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s Regional Leadership Conference. Given that, we’ve got almost no choice other than to make it this/last week’s Best Meeting of the Week!

I probably don’t need to give you too much of a recap on the event, since it was covered pretty extensively on Publicola, but overall it was a pretty powerful gathering of business, government, labor, nonprofit and education organizations (which the Prosperity Partnership is all about, of course!) who were really trying to identify some common ground on short-term collaboration toward job creation. What was most gratifying about it, in the most self-serving of ways, is that a lot of the Prosperity Partnership agenda was at the top of the list, including the Metropolitan Business Plan and Global Health Nexus, Seattle.

But actually, when you think about it, it’s not just nice because I love to get credit for great work (which I do). It’s a real accountability measure to ensure that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing, which is bring together a diverse coalition of folks to work on items that all parties believe will be important to job creation and long-term prosperity. So, rather than pride, we should feel validation…mixed with a sense that we’ve really got to make these initiatives deliver. In fact, I’m heading to DC this week to work with Brookings and the federal government on ways that we can collaborate on bringing BETI to reality…and I can bet you that will be this Friday’s B-MOW!

BTW, last week was a big meeting extravaganza, with the Governor’s Aerospace Summit and the Governor’s Life Sciences Summit. I hear both of them were great too…


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