McSherry Takes Flight, Part 2

I was at a family wedding this weekend, where my uncle used the phrase, “I don’t feel like I’m losing a daughter, just gaining a son.” Which is sort of how the staff both here and in Olympia must feel about the fact that Bill McSherry is leaving PSRC and the Governor’s Office permanently to work for the Boeing Company as Director of State and Local Government Affairs.

On February 17, 2009, I wrote a blog post entitled “McSherry Takes Flight.” That was when he started working as a loaned executive for the Governor on aerospace issues and, of course, did a great job. Such a good job that I have to write a post entitled McSherry Takes Flight, Part 2 to commemorate his new gig.

But in the word of my uncle, it’s less that we’re losing a co-worker, just gaining a colleague. Knowing Bill, we’ll see him around quite a bit as he helps guide the Boeing Company’s engagement in our community and our state to the benefit of all of us. Good luck, Bill…it’s not goodbye, it’s “until we meet again”!

One Response to McSherry Takes Flight, Part 2

  1. Bill McSherry says:

    An eloquent and very gracious message from you, Eric. But I would expect nothing less. You, Joan, Sherry, Bob (of course!) and the rest of the Prosperity crew are more than one can reasonably expect to encounter in one’s career, much less have the privilege to call colleagues and more importantly friends.

    We are a good team!

    Looking forward to the next chapter and continuing to work together in the best and closest way possible. I have been truly blessed to work with you and all of our co-workers. And ‘until we meet again’ is surely fitting, as I think we have a meeting scheduled very soon!

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