“Where Are the Recovery Act Dollars” Update, Part 6

It’s that time again! As is our monthly ritual, a quick update on major awards and opportunities with regard to the Recovery Act:

1) We are getting really close to one billion dollars in funding for our region directly related to the industry clusters! More than $956 million, if you include the $30 million in TIGER grant funds that were announced today. (But, Eric, you haven’t included any other transportation-related funds in your matrix!?! Yes, well, the TIGER was a competitive grant, which is different than the state and local formula funds that were spent.)

2) I almost didn’t post this today, because there are a couple of big opportunities that will hopefully be announced soon. We still haven’t heard about broadband investments for Washington state (they’re slow rolling them out state by state), the green retrofits from HUD, the smart grid workforce dollars from DoL or the obesity and nutrition money that the CDC is granting out.

3) Next steps. What are they? Not only how do we work together to win the remaining ARRA dollars, but how do we capture the energy that our community put toward the Recovery Act and redirect it to other federal funding opportunities like the Sustainable Communities funds and the new E-RIC initiative. The answer? Let’s talk! We’re hosting a “Next Steps for Regional Collaboration on Federal Funding” meeting on Thursday, April 8, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm here at the PSRC.

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