Tourism Survey, Part 2

Back in August, we conducted a survey of over 300 international tourists, to find out how accommodating our region is to visitors from other countries. Part Two of that survey is taking place now, where we’re doing a similar survey of study abroad students in Washington state.

The interesting comparison will be how international visitors that are living here vs. staying for a week (or less) find our region’s “international friendliness.” Second, I think that we’re actually going to learn quite a bit about how international students drive international tourism; not only do these people come and spend money in our communities, but their family and friends come to visit them as well. International students are quite an economic driver, not to mention the fact that allowing people to learn about our culture and our communities creates stronger links for future international business and exchange.

We’ll be releasing a combined report on these two surveys sometime in early spring, so keep a look out! In the meantime, feel free to forward the survey on to any international students that you know of…


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