That’s What I’ve Been Saying (The Rise of the Puget Sound Auto Industry)

Y’all know that I’ve been beating this drum about how we have an opportunity to grow a regional auto industry here. And it’s been reinforced often. So finally other people are catching on.

The one thing that the TechFlash article calls out more clearly that I have is the role that our region will play in the auto industry: “People in the industry say the Seattle region is in a position to capitalize on the trend based on its roots in software and wireless networks, going back to the early days of such companies as Microsoft and McCaw Cellular.” Whereas I was thinking about old Boeing facilities and out of work manufacturing employees, the more tangible opportunity is in using what we’re already good at in other applications. Sort of like how Boeing is trying to convert its defense technology to smart grid.

How can we figure out ways to take advantage of this opportunity? Ask Alan Mulally at the Prosperity Partnership Luncheon on February 26, of course!


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