Seattle = Detroit + Southern California

I have two friends getting married to each other next summer. One is from Michigan, the other from Southern California. And I suggested that they get married in the venue that is a combination of those two places: the Tesla Motors showroom in South Lake Union!

Seriously: Michigan is the home of the old auto industry, Tesla is now building its new sedan in Southern California, and our region is a leader in early adoption of electric vehicles. And that’s not the only way that our region is the nexus of Detroit and Southern California.

For example, Detroit is making movie studios out of old auto factories, Southern California is making movie studios out of old Boeing factories and we have old Boeing facilities and we’re looking to increase our local film business.

Plus, Detroit started a trend of nonprofit cooperation that we’ve picked up. And now we’re going to have a car museum!

Could it be that the in-migration of all of those California and Midwest people is turning the Puget Sound into a merger of the two places? I don’t know, but I do like that new bar in Ballard where I can get Leinenkugel…


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