A great day for Boeing and Washington

We witnessed history today.  The takeoff of the 787 for the first time ever.  Coverage abounds of course, but

from my camera phone - takeoff

Governor Gregoire said it right: “The graceful takeoff of the 787 on its maiden voyage is a testament to the vision of the company’s leadership, the ingenuity of its engineers, and the skill of its machinists.”

I was lucky enough to be on hand for the event…and the most amazing thing about it was how quiet the plane is.  We were 100 yards away or so at liftoff and the 787 was easily quieter than a small corporate jet that took off about 20 minutes prior. 

This is a testament to the ability of Boeing and its workers – and the people of Washington – that this plane can be conceived, designed and (mostly) built right here.  It’s also yet more proof that we should be building the tanker.  But that’s another post I suppose. 

Congratulations to Boeing and its partners and employees. 

Takeoff from Future of Flight's photographer


UPDATE: As I was typing this in, the plane flew by my office window on approach.  A nice ending.

in the air - Josh Trujillo, Seattlepi.com photo


One Response to A great day for Boeing and Washington

  1. derekreid says:

    Congrats to all of Boeing on the flight! I have an old high school friend who does some engineering work up there, although I’m not sure about that plane specifically. They don’t build them like that in South Carolina!

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