Big Ideas of 2009

It’s getting to be that time of year when people start doing annual recaps; this year, folks get to have even more fun with decade recaps as well. My very favorite of these – the New York Times Magazines’ Year in Ideas issues – is going to come out soon, and I can hardly contain my glee. We here at the Prosperity Blog have also had a good year of ideas, generating all sorts of practical proposals for improving our region’s business climate and competitiveness. But, of course, we have also had lots of impractical, sky’s-the-limit ideas that we hope someone is going to take and run with and make all our dreams come true. So, for all you good-idea-awaiting folks out there, here’s a summary of some of our “Big Ideas of 2009”, presented in Top Ten format:

10) Marketing our region as an aerospace tourism haven

9) Starting to measure our region using the Puget Sound Region Smart People Balance metric

8 ) Make our region the national leader in carbon capture, even though we use hydropower

7) Mass-marketing Regionalism or Economic Development or math & science education or rain

6) Using excess Boeing facilities and former employees to make movies

5) Use excess Boeing facilities and former employees to make electric vehicles

4) Turning federal funding on its head

3) Creating a regional technology commercialization strategy for Recovery Act funded R&D

2) Creating a local entrepreneurship foundation

1) Getting Boeing to build smart grid technology here

And that list doesn’t even include my idea to rename the state’s Department of Commerce. C’mon, economic development professionals, pick one of the above and start running with it!

One Response to Big Ideas of 2009

  1. sanjeev Batta says:

    Did you know that hydropower is not considered renewable resource in Washington? I was very surprised to find out about this discovery..

    And I would to like add to this list, recovering from recovery money and making some changes that are really needed.

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