Isn’t This Why We Need the Cultural Access Fund?

Prosperity Partnership has been arguing that local jurisdictions need a new tool to help them increase access to arts and culture for all residents. Especially in tough economic times like these, it’s harder and harder to fun these activities out of general funds.  But the need for these funds is actually just as big: tourism, the economic impact of these institutions, and the whole “creative economy” thing.

So, on Monday, a bunch of folks protested Bainbridge Island City Hall because of big cuts to the public budget for culture. And there are so many great quotes in here that prove the above point.  I like two:

1) “The city funds are game-changing. It will cost jobs and household incomes.” The cuts will also reduce tourism and the city’s own revenues, she said.

2) Residents were not drawn to Bainbridge by “nice roads,” she said, but because of the “culture and creativity” they found. “(Bainbridge) is not just any other town,” she said. “But if we don’t put money into this, we redefine ourselves as just any other ordinary town.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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