Waiting for Lefty

That’s a little agit-prop/unionization reference there for you 1930’s theater buffs. But speaking of unions, did you notice the news about the preliminary Ford-UAW contract the other day? And no, this is not another blog post about how you should totally register for the Prosperity Partnership Luncheon featuring Alan Mulally, since over half the seats are already sold and it’s still a month away (ok, now it is, I guess).

This caught my eye: “The deal with Ford prohibits the U.A.W. from going on strike over demands for increased wages or benefits, but it permits strikes over other issues or if Ford proposes cutting wages or benefits.”

You may remember that a lot of folks got upset when the idea was brought up that, potentially in exchange for certain employment guarantees from Boeing, the Machinists agree to add a no-strike clause in their contract. It’s a huge concession for a union, since striking is the ultimate leverage in a negotiation. Interesting to see that Ford got the UAW to potentially agree to something like that, particularly because – like Boeing – they’re in a relatively good long-term financial position.

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