Bring Back Griffey- and not for the reasons you think!

The brand, “Seattle” is a very strong global brand today, yet the brand, “Puget Sound” means little to anyone outside of the Vancouver to Portland corridor. When I talk to visiting delegations or travel (rarely) on business outside of the aforementioned corridor, I have to refer our region as the Metropolitan Seattle Region or risk blank stares and a constant drone of, “so, where are you from?” However, here at home I am very careful to refer to us as the Central Puget Sound Region for reasons primarily related to political correctness and job security.

It is worth remembering (and yes I’m ready for the hate mail from Everett and Redmond) that most people in the world think that Boeing and Microsoft are headquartered in Seattle.

So I say why don’t we do it: embrace Metropolitan Seattle Region as our nomenclature? Let’s set aside our parochial differences and become a regional marketing cartel. Why not embrace the world’s perception or misconception however you chose to view it?

We can mutually benefit from the high-tech, cultured, but edgy reputation the name Seattle has associated with it while promoting our region as a haven of entrepreneurial, high-tech, life science and aerospace splendor.

So why bring Griffey into it? Well I admit to looking for a reason to point out that 19 home runs, 38 extra base hits, 57 runs batted in, as well as a .324 on-base average in just 387 at bats isn’t all that bad, and could be enough to overlook the .214 number some people seem hung up on. But more importantly Griffey is a guy who brought leadership and camaraderie to a clubhouse reputedly rife with strife just a year earlier.

Maybe we can all learn a little from the M’s 2009 campaign and come together and embrace that dirty little word Seattle as a tool for building regional prosperity. (We may need to lure Griffey to move back permanently to referee!)


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