The Rise and Rise of Nyhus Communications

I want to make it clear that there are a lot of talented communications/public affairs firms in the Metropolitan Seattle region with whom we work.  That said the recent 2009 Mayor’s Small Business Award given to Nyhus Communications caused me to reflect on why I am seeing these folks grow quickly despite a tough economy.

First, Roger Nyhus is one the nicest people you will ever meet, and that trait appears to be a requisite for working with him. Whether Jim Blundell, Sally Poliak or the rest of the team we here at the Prosperity Partnership have worked with on regional issues, Roger’s folks are uniformly knowledgeable, capable and smart- but also really darn nice!

Second, Roger has an amazing commitment to the community and is willing to work pro-bono for the right causes. I’ve now witnessed him put a significant number of hours into two causes that he will likely never see a direct dollar from that will benefit our community for years to come. (I suspect there will be plenty of indirect compensation so we don’t need to take up a collection.)

Finally, he seems to have taken Jim Collins’ Good to Great* to heart. Nyhus Communications looks like a small business example of a Good to Great company because there are a lot of happy people working hard in jobs they do really well! (Disclosure: I’ll be in line for the IPO.)

So to Roger Nyhus and all the folks at Nyhus Communications, congratulations on your award, it is well deserved!


* For those of you who haven’t read Good to Great, Collins basically says, “get the right people on the bus (hire the best people), put them in the right seats (right jobs), keep them happy, and the bus will steer itself making you into a 5 star leader…oh and something about hedgehogs.” (Please feel free to comment if you can summarize the book better in one sentence!)


One Response to The Rise and Rise of Nyhus Communications

  1. Chris says:

    In answer to the e-mail I just received, I am not now, nor ever, seeking a job with any PR firm…

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