Fraud Is Not the Problem

Saw this little tidbit last week about how there haven’t been that many reported cases of fraud yet with regard to the Recovery Act. And besides learning that “[t]he conventional estimate is that 7 percent of government spending is lost to waste, fraud or abuse,” I think this article misses the point.

Yes, fraud is bad and all, but the real pitched battles are going to be around “waste” and “impact.” Impact is something that we’ve discussed at great length several times, but waste is a really interesting one to me. Granted, they’re probably focusing on waste in the “they’re buying overly expensive hammers” sense rather than the “we don’t need to be investing in clean coal” side of things, but the latter is where the real money is of course. One person’s “investment in 21st century infrastructure” could easily be another person’s “high speed rail to nowhere” (to coin a phrase).

All I’m saying is that I’d love to see the submissions that the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board is getting sent from concerned citizens around the country.


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