A Lot of Different People Sure Care About Aerospace

And why shouldn’t they, right? I mean, if aerospace is really important to our region, as we know it is, then lots of different folks should totally stand up and support maintaining it here.

Of course, the outstanding question is whether they should do it together or separately:

[In addition to Boeing Works Here, s]everal aerospace groups have formed in Washington in recent years, including the governor’s aerospace council and the Washington Aerospace Partnership. The region also has industry groups, such as the Aerospace Futures Alliance and the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance.

There’s probably a good argument to be made for some separation, as there are a lot of tasks to accomplish: 1) build grassroots support for the industry; 2) build legislative support for the industry; 3) identify policy changes that need to happen at the state level to improve the business climate for the industry; 4) support Boeing’s proposal to build the Air Force tanker; 5) convince Boeing management to keep all 787 assembly in the Puget Sound…and that’s not including the basics of just keep the industry running smoothly by facilitating workforce development,  business development, networking and member services (like the idea of a cooperative health insurance pool for all the hundreds of aerospace companies in this state with less than 50 employees).

But obviously, you have to worry about unneccesary confusion, mixed messages, duplication of effort and even working at cross-purposes.  It’ll be interesting to see how these various groups and efforts end up playing out.  But, in the meantime, I’m fans of lots of new Facebook pages!


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