SEED Withers in the Ground

Or some such gardening allegory. Anyway, most of you probably saw that the Port of Bremerton pulled the plug on the Kitsap SEED Project, the long-discussed, never quite off the ground dream of a clean technology incubator. The project was actually at one point pretty high on the regional agenda, and the Economic Development District here at the PSRC recommended them for U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) funding, which they got but never used.

A lot of folks continue to stoke the clean tech incubator dream, including at least three regional stimulus applications (one from Tacoma, one from Auburn, and one from Seattle). Some talk about one incubator, others talk about a network of incubators, and others still propose “virtual incubators.” They should feel positive, as the EDA has identified two priorities for FY 2010 funding: “regional innovation clusters and business incubator networks.” So, as usual, the central Puget Sound is on the forefront of nationally recognized economic development best practices.

So long, Kitsap SEED, you will be missed. But it looks like there will be others to take up your flag and keep on marching toward the goal of developing small clean technology companies into the next Microsoft or Boeing.


2 Responses to SEED Withers in the Ground

  1. Brian Allen says:

    damn. Was very hopeful about that one, esp. given the fact it was in Bremerton and had potential to reset the boundaries of the game.


  2. ericschinfeld says:

    I should say that Port CEO Cary Bozeman did affirm his commitment to using clean tech as an economic development driver, so all isn’t lost for Bremerton. It just won’t be an incubator building…

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