Flying Tourism

Long-time readers of the Prosperity Blog know that we love to highlight all the various awards and rankings of our region. In fact, we even have a post tag to track it. So how could we miss calling out that the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour made the top ten list for aviation attractions in the United States.

That recognition leads me to bring up an idea that’s been floating around for a while. I just talked about the importance of tourism branding, which some hospitality professionals also refer to as niche marketing. You see it a lot with GLBT tourism packages or activities for boomers (pre-401(k) meltdown), but some people have been saying that we really need to get our act together around attracting aerospace enthusiasts. We’ve got the Museum of Flight, the Future of Flight Aviation Center and the (in my opinion, very cool) Flying Heritage Collection, plus all sorts of other opportunities to appreciate and experience the joys of planes, jets and airliners.

Now, I don’t know the first thing about how to access all those “love fuselages, will travel” folks, but it doesn’t seem that hard. I’m sure there’s a Prodigy bulletin board somewhere that we could post to (or whatever the latest technology is these days)…

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