Where Will Tiger Hoist His Victory Beer in Six Years!?!

Supporting the 2015 US Open is part of the Prosperity Partnership’s Tourism/Visitors Industry Cluster Development Strategy. Not a huge surprise…the economic impact of a US Open is $100 million!

But we’re less than six years away now, and there still isn’t a permanent clubhouse/restaurant/hotel. This is a bummer, particularly because part of that economic impact comes from all the golf nerds that come a year early so they can say, “Oh yeah, Chambers Bay…I played that last year” when they’re watching the 2015 US Open on tv. So really, we have less than 5.

C’mon, developers, step it up! I know it’s the Great Recession and all, but I bet that you can get a special round with Tiger Woods out of it. Or Natalie Gulbis, preferably…

By the way, if you haven’t seen Chambers Bay up close and personal yet, we’re going as part of the upcoming Prosperity Partnership Tourism/Visitors Industry Cluster Tour on September 18.


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