I Don’t Understand Health Care Reform

…as my recent Master of Public Health graduate wife knows well. It’s not that I don’t think that health is an important part of our economy, and I certainly believe that rising health care costs are a challenge for both government and employers (and everyone else). It’s just that I know that I don’t understand the health care system or healthcare economics enough to truly understand how to ensure that reforms actually improve health outcomes and lower costs. So when the government starts talking about whether Group Health is better than a publicly run insurance competitor, I find it hard to come down on one side or another. Kudos to Group Health, though, for being a national model.

As a side note, I do think that it’s our lifestyle, not just our healthcare system. We eat too much crap, don’t exercise enough and are a bunch of big fat fatties. I’m not sure cheaper health insurance is going to help that…it requires a culture change.


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