Maybe I Don’t Hate Boomers

I’ve been telling people that the boomers have really screwed all us young people with this recession. A couple years ago, when everyone was rich on paper, baby boomers were all about early retirement so they could go kayaking in Alaska, enjoy their grandchildren and take Viagra, not necessarily in that order. That was going to open up their jobs for 40 year olds and then us 30 year olds would move up accordingly. But now the Great 401killer has those same boomers talking about not retiring for ten years, creating this huge logjam of pent up demand for promotions for smart, young economic policy analysts (and others).

But, interestingly enough, that hasn’t stopped a pretty significant leadership transition in our region/state. In the last few months, the economic development community has seen leadership transitions at the state “Department of Commerce,” the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Seattle Art Museum and the Seattle Foundation, just to name a few*. These are all pretty sweet gigs, and they create new opportunities not only for people to move up but also for a significant change in vision and leadership of our region. Of course, with a huge recession and a new presidential administration, the appetite for new vision couldn’t be bigger.

So, how do we coordinate all these new leaders, and make sure that they’re building on each other’s fresh start to create a comprehensive vision for our region’s economic recovery and prosperity? I actually think it would be fascinating to get some of these folks together in the same room and have that conversation. Who knows what might come of it?

I’ll put that on my list of things to do…

*Yes, I’m including arts and philanthropy as part of the economic development community. These are major institutions that shape our region’s quality of life and economic competitiveness!


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