I Am the Smartest Man Alive

In my continuing oneupmanship of the New York Times and the federal government comes this: “States will now be able to get federal funds to hire auditors and accountants and pay other administrative costs associated with the stimulus money, said a memo released Wednesday by the White House.”

As I said:

Which leads me to my “modest proposal”:  every jurisdiction gets a small amount of money to pay for staff who would be responsible for applying for and reporting on stimulus funds.  That way, not only do you ensure that every jurisdiction has enough money to get the money they’re entitled to, but you keep the stimulus foes from getting their almost inevitable “We Found Waste” stories…and it’s guaranteed job creation!

Well, at least I know who’s reading the blog!

2 Responses to I Am the Smartest Man Alive

  1. Chris says:

    I bow down and prostrate myself at your feet.

  2. Tracy Corley says:

    Thank you! With all these “stimulus” packages, it’s good to know someone is keeping an eye on the bulky requirements and additional costs needed to qualify. You’re getting decision makers to listen. Yeah!

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