Transportation Trend Makes Business Cents

Did you know that a recent report forecasts, 46% of the US workforce will telecommute by 2016?  According to Forrester, “34 million Americans working at least occasionally from home today.”

Run the numbers forward to 2016 and see how many Americans will work from home then: 63 million! And apparently Microsoft is taking a step in this direction.

It’s not too late to join the pilot project – for more information, visit the website.


2 Responses to Transportation Trend Makes Business Cents

  1. Ed Stern says:

    Its no coincidence the PSRC Vision 2040 Plan calls out for this as a ‘transportation’ item, specifically demand management, while the Assoc of Wash Cities 2009 Statement of Policies and Rsolutions sees it as ‘Economic Development’, dispersed across the state creating “family-wage community-based” jobs.
    Telework/telecommuting is the juncture of the two issues, and the ‘cheaper, faster and better’ method for achieving both, to boot.

  2. Telecommuting will be greatly facilitaed by a paperless way of working and in general doing all your businesses. The book Paperless Joy has outlined the advantages of paperlessness and how to become paperless. See

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