The View from the Other Side

Here is a fun new video from my friend (and 2008 PSBJ 40 Under 40 inductee) Marty Dickinson and the Downtown Spokane Partnership. Her organization has led a tremendous effort to revitalize that City’s Downtown Core over the past decade or so and this video celebrates their accomplishments. Nice work, Marty! This makes me want to take another trip east.


4 Responses to The View from the Other Side

  1. ericschinfeld says:

    Wow, that’s something, alright. Any chance we can get The Presidents of the United States of America and Sir Mix-a-Lot to do a version of “Walk This Way (To Belltown)”?

  2. alexpietsch says:

    Now that would be awesome! Or, a PUSA/Blue Scholars remake of “My Posse’s on Broadway!”

  3. ericschinfeld says:

    OK, now the Mayor of Spokane has really thrown down the gauntlet:

    My favorite line is “My name is Mary, I’m the Mayor of the City, But the road that brought me here hasn’t always been pretty.”

  4. alexpietsch says:

    Wow…. John Powers’ ain’t got nothin’ on Mayor Mary!

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