Didn’t We Already Deal with Economic Competitiveness Last Year?

That’s pretty much the attitude that a lot of people have – both in general and specifically with regard to Boeing.  When there is an effort to maintain our competitiveness in the aerospace industry, the negative reaction is “Didn’t we just do that in 2003?”

Of course, the world and the economy change constantly, and it makes sense that companies and regions are constantly reevaluating themselves and their competitors. New competitors rise up or fall down, and both global and local events can change the landscape. The ideal is to stay as flexible as possible so that you can react to these new situations as best as possible. Now, that attitude doesn’t remove the need to do careful cost-benefit analyses before you leap, but doing nothing is never an option.

What do you mean I have to write another blog post? Didn’t I already write one last year…


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