I’m actually pretty surprised by the significant schadenfreude I experience every time the Oklahoma City Thunder do something bad or stupid or just generally fail. I mean, I’m not even from here and the only good Sonics team I ever saw was that one run in 2005 when Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis and a ridiculous contract year for Antonio Daniels took them to the conference semifinals against the Spurs.

But yet, it is a unique mixture of scorn and amusement I feel at this. Yes, “Rumble the Bison” is your new OKC Thunder mascot, ladies and germs. This is the best:

Sporting a white Thunder uniform with his name on the back and a tail sticking through the shorts, Rumble


missed his first dunk off a pass from a member of the dunk team, falling onto padding laid out

under the basket. He then joined the Thunder Girls for a choreographed dance routine at midcourt before

climbing to the top of a 16-foot ladder with a sign reading GET LOUD! He did a backflip from the top of the ladder, but again missed the dunk with a blue, white and gold basketball. (emphasis added)

Fantastic.  All the more sweeter when we get a new team in a few years after the legislature finds a magical way to fix Key Arena.


One Response to Grrrr(umble)

  1. Alex Pietsch says:

    Their biggest mistake was not naming the team the OKC “Barons.”

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