A bargain at (almost) twice the price

‘A good buddy of mine’ is going to Hawaii this weekend, for 8 nights.  Last year, my buddy went to Hawaii at about this same time of year, also for about a week.  All the travel publications say now’s the time to travel, as prices are at all-time lows.

There’s apparently a lot of truth to that.  Just checking online tells me that Expedia will get you from Seattle to Honolulu next week for as little as $235.  The same flight last year would’ve cost you $550 -$600 if memory serves correctly.  Last year, a room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village ran about $300-$325.  This year, you can get one for as little as $219 ($197 if you’re a senior citizen).

So for two (non-senior citizen) people, for 7 nights, that breaks out as follows:

                       2008                    2009

Airfare            $1,100                 $470

Lodging         $2,100                 $1,533

Total              $3,100                  $2,003 

Total savings $1,097, or 35.4%

Talk about a sign of the times.


One Response to A bargain at (almost) twice the price

  1. Alex Pietsch says:

    So… the real question is are you going… even at this price?

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