The Economy Is Doing Great!

Well, our work here is done. You’re welcome, central Puget Sound region!

What I really found interesting was that we’re one of only 93 metropolitan regions out of 310 that the BLS tracks that had any gains at all. Of course, they say Seattle’s always six months behind the curve of the economy anyway, and this probably doesn’t even include WaMu. So maybe we have a teeny bit more work to do to ensure long term prosperity for all…


2 Responses to The Economy Is Doing Great!

  1. doug says:

    Frank great link but I am sorry that djc blog site makes my eyes hurt.

    I’ll say this: WaMu or not; Boeing or not, we’re doing ok. We all like to bemoan Seattle but the bottom line is despite all the wacky-assed politicians and the ineptitude shown by our mayor and others, this place pretty much rocks. We have the best companies and we give a sh*t about one another. I heard United Way contributions were up this year. That’s what I’m talkin about.

    We’ll be fine.

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