Renton’s workhorse keeps plowing

As if it wasn’t enough that some 40% of the commercial airplanes in the air today were assembled in and took their maiden flights from Renton, news came today that India will spend $2.1 billion to have eight Renton-built Boeing P-8I submarine hunters defend its seas.

And, word came last week that Boeing may develop a fourth generation of the 737 rather than scrap it for some new family of single-aisle aircraft–one that many speculate could be built somewhere else.

Both of these stories come as extremely welcome news to us who truly appreciate the significance of Boeing and, more specifically, the 737 production facility at the Renton Plant to the regional and State economy. As the Aerospace Futures Alliance has recently pointed out, the Renton Plant alone is responsible for more than 10% of Washington State’s foregin exports ($3.8 billion) and nearly 3% of the Gross State Product ($6.9 billion).

Talk about an asset worth preserving…


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