Not to Be Confused with Kodak…or Kojak for that Matter

Upcoming briefing to the Seattle City Council coming up on the recommendations of the CODAC. Should be pretty interesting.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest acronyms these days, this is the Cultural Overlay District Advisory Council, which the City Council set up to come up with some recommendations:

An overlay district is a special zoning district adopted by the City that sits above the current zoning. Overlays may be anything from aquifer protection areas to special tax incentive enterprise zones. For example, a Cultural Overlay District could put zoning incentives in place that would help make it a competitive option to build or preserve arts & cultural spaces. It’s not the only approach the CODAC has been considering.

The great part of this approach is its comprehensiveness. Preserving cultural spaces in today’s economic climate requires not just arts funding but zoning, public policy, incentives. The presentation next week will be to a joint meeting of the City Council’s Planning, Land Use, and Neighborhoods & Culture, Civil Rights, Health and Personnel Committees. Likely, they’ll be looking at Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood as a pilot project, but this could be a model for the entire region if it works.


One Response to Not to Be Confused with Kodak…or Kojak for that Matter

  1. billmcsherry says:

    Is that like a cultural district? 🙂

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