Panetta’s Panacea

Leon Panetta, now Director of the Panetta Institute in Seaside, CA spoke yesterday to the ADC’s luncheon of an estimated 600 federal civilian and uniformed defense leaders, defense industry leadership and state and local officials and representatives.

Panetta, former Congressman for the Monterey district, and Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton, offered advice to states, regions and communities with defense installations.  Panetta’s words were not without weight as he was involved in the losing effort to prevent the major closure of Fort Ord and successful in the retention of its defense language school and other high quality programs, as well as fending off raids during subsequent BRAC rounds as others wanted these assets.

His advice:

  1. Undertake coordinated planning and actions with all key players including your leaders, your chambers of commerce and your military
  2. Form innovative partnerships
  3. Better coordination and planning at a higher level (or it doesn’t happen)
  4. Work together, or as Hancock and Franklin exchanged:  Hang together or you’ll surely hang separately.  Besides, that’s what gives you political impact, he said.

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